FRX Token Launch Spring 2021 Update

FRX (Ferox token) is a hidden gem from the currently hyperactive Tron Network with the state of the art crypto team we built around it, and real use cases with robust intrinsic utility ( please peruse our White Paper for more details ).

Having launched our 1st Seed Round funding in February 2021, FRX to date has now accumulated approximately 650 holders (and steadily increasing), so this is still as early as you can discover a true moonshot candidate in crypto space; total supply is locked at a max of 700 million.

Tron Network finally understood the value of launchpad deals and partnered up with DuckDAO recently. This positions $FRX as a leading IDO / launchpad candidate on Tron Network. Already we were in negotiations to do an IDO next month on BSC; now it can also happen on Tron in an even smoother way.

Regardless of where the IDO (Initial DEX Offering) happens, FRX price exploding 15–20x from our extremely discounted Seed Round prices are a conservative estimate.

Here is the landing page for the Presale, all you need is a Tron wallet that accepts TRC20 tokens to receive $FRX ( like TronLink or Trust Wallet ):

Do your own due diligence naturally, and thank us later

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mmm, such beautiful memes, much crypto

mmm, such beautiful memes, much crypto

Ferox Advisors Ltd.

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