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Ferox Advisors Ltd.

Please wait for the GUI to interact with it (a preview of which you can find above ), DAPP is coming online in a few days:

#Presale continues with full steam, all you need is a Tron wallet like #TronLink or #TrustWallet to join.

Check out our landing page at for a full breakdown of the investment tiers for the FRX Seed Round.

Soft Cap is now more than half way complete, so don’t miss out on these advantageous tiers right before the IDO, which will open at around 1 FRX = 1 TRX.

$FRX (Ferox token) is a hidden gem from the recently reinvigorated Tron Network with a state of the art crypto team built around it.

Unique use cases with robust intrinsic utility backed by fiat derivatives trading dividends (please see WP for details) give FRX a peerless long term value proposition head and shoulders above the 99% of the meme coin craze going on in BSC these days.

Around 800 holders now, supply locked at 700 million, the low market cap is steadily increasing, this is as early as you can catch a true #MoonShot candidate before it reaches escape velocity

#FRX Tokenomics Piechart:

700 million max supply. 400 million locked (50% #dividends)

#IDO 20 million $FRX, 20 million Automatic Liquidity Lock

Find out all about the #Presale steps at:

#SAFT also available for sizable investments #Ferox #BSC #TRON

FRX (Ferox token) is a hidden gem from the currently hyperactive Tron Network with the state of the art crypto team we built around it, and real use cases with robust intrinsic utility ( please peruse our White Paper for more details ).

Having launched our 1st Seed Round funding in February 2021, FRX to date has now accumulated approximately 650 holders (and steadily increasing), so this is still as early as you can discover a true moonshot candidate in crypto space; total supply is locked at a max of 700 million.

Tron Network finally understood the value of launchpad…

Upcoming $FRX developments for April 2021:

1) Staking DAPP going online
2) Expansion to #BSC
3) #IDO #launchpad coming up on BSC
4) Farms & dividends & much more

Now is indubitably the most opportune moment to join, check our landing page on #TronNetwork at:


FRX (Ferox) is the world’s first DeFi hedge fund token, offering monthly dividends from the company’s proprietary trading accounts through a seamless staking system coded on Tron blockchain.

It might have come across a little too advanced for Tron’s gamer / gambler audience, and undoubtedly Tron Network lost some steam over the recent months, so the first reception was lukewarm…

Now that team Ferox is facilitating a migration to BSC, price can skyrocket as soon as any launchpad deal is finalized, you heard it here first.

You can pick up FRX on the Seed Round at

All you need is a Tron wallet that can receive TRC20 tokens,

And here are all the other relevant links:

⭐️FRX Team

⭐️ FRX Twitter

⭐️ FRX Telegram

⭐️ FRX Medium

⭐️ Github

Join at, including #MemeContest & Original Content, 120k USD in prizes. Find out all about #FRX token at Official Telegram Channel:

#PoW & overload causing tremendous fees for Ethereum, all the competing chains are on the rise, Tron, Polkadot, BNB, Matic, even Avalanche.

Join the party with #FRX, making #TronNetwork professional, be your own hedge fund.

Seed Round live at

Find out about #FRX in your local language, [ANN] and #WhitePaper translated into your language below:…

Be your own hedge fund, decentralized asset management,

#SeedRound now live at

#CryptoCurrencies #TGE #Ferox #ITO #DeFi

Tune into our phenomenal interview with Nomadfury, thanks for a great production Jeff 🏆.
Deniz Akguner, Founding Partner & Director of Ferox Advsiors discusses #FRX, #DeFi, #AssetManagement, our #SeedRound on #TronNetwork and #CryptoTrading. Be your own hedge fund, check out all #PreSale details of FRX at our website:


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